Friday, January 26, 2018

Fruits and Vegetables: BMI = 29.3

The Canada Food Guides recommends a diet that is rich in vegetables and fruits. The micro-nutrients they provide are essential to good health and boost your natural defenses to certain forms of cancer and heart disease. Please take the time to consult the Canada Food Guide for how many servings of vegetables and fruits you should be eating each day.

So how much is a serving? The best way to find out is to Consult the Canada Food Guide, but, as a general rule for non-leafy veggies, a half a cup is usually one serving. At least one serving a day should be a dark-green vegetable like broccoli or spinach (1 cup raw spinach is one serving).

At least one serving of produce per day should be from an orange vegetable or fruit such as carrot, butternut squash, or papaya. Again, in most cases, one serving of non-leafy produce is half a cup. Ensuring you get one serving each of a dark green and an orange vegetable each day will help you get enough folate and vitamin A.

Although juice is an acceptable source of fruit, the Canada Food Guide recommends having actual fruit more often than juice. I have a small glass of orange juice everyday but other than that I avoid juice.

My groceries are now mostly fruit and vegetables. It took me about seven months to go from The Inverted Diet to eating like this and I must admit that I still don’t like raw broccoli unless it is in a salad with dressing. Since my diet became balanced, though, I now find that I sometimes actually crave some carrots or sliced tomato and that is the sort of thing I reach for as a snack now.

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