Friday, September 29, 2017

Shopping for Groceries: BMI = 31

Have you ever noticed that most grocery stores put their produce closest to the entrance? You walk in, see all that colour and all that healthy food and feel really good to be there; sort of like the first day of being on a diet.

I was going to crop the above photo down to only show the strawberries but then I noticed something sneaky. The apples are right behind the strawberries, and to the right of the strawberries there is a kit for making apple crisp. I’ve not even gotten past the produce section yet and already they are priming me to shop for added-sugars.

I did pick up some apples, because blueberries have started becoming expensive, but I chose to leave the apple crisp kit behind. Those apples are going to be great on my porridge in the morning when the temperature starts to drop again.

I picked up a red cabbage because I have some green cabbage left over at home and wanted to make some coleslaw. Yes, I’ll be doing a post about how I make great, sugar-free coleslaw.

I grabbed some brussels sprouts and green beans. I really should have picked up some yellow beans just to get more colour in my cart but maybe next time.

As soon as I got past the produce, the next section was baked goods and the sweets were front and center. Guess what? I’m almost done shopping.

I made my way to the deli section but almost every single item there is off my list. I don’t eat processed meats but I’m glad to say that my deli does offer some home-style roasted meats that are really convenient for me.

The roast beef is actually roast beef – not cold-cut, transformed beef. There is a little added sugar in the seasoning on the beef, but it is not injected with marinade or anything like that so I grab it for the convenience.

The roast pork is also actually roast pork. Real roasted pork loin, with some ‘BBQ seasoning’ on it but again, not injected with marinades and not treated with nitrates to keep it looking pink while actually being cooked (like most cold-cut ham).

Cheese is one food I miss having around home. Living in Québec, I could try a different distinct local cheese every week for the rest of my life. I reserve cheese for my once a week indulgence meal, though, so this is another section I need to skip.

Prepared frozen foods are also off my menu. Even the supposedly ‘healthy’ diet-meals contain way too much salt. Most don’t actually have too much sodium in one serving – but they have so little food in them that one serving wouldn’t be enough for me for lunch.

I keep a jug of orange juice and have a three-ounce glass every morning. Beware of the containers marked ‘cocktail’ when buying juice – usually they have a lot of added sugars.

I’m really wary of the yoghurt aisle. Most of these yoghurts have way too much added sugars to be considered a healthy snack. To my mind, most of these products are desserts, and I don’t eat dessert very often anymore.

If you search very meticulously you can find a few yoghurts that are very low or no fat as well as having no added sugars. You’ll probably have to zoom in to figure out which one I’m talking about.

Oh my! Look at all the ‘junk food’. I used to wrestle with myself trying to not buy any of this stuff, usually compromising and getting some salsa and rather plain corn chips. None of this stuff temps me anymore.

Canned goods are another thing off the menu for me. They’ve been off the menu for most of my life, however, because I’ve always had an aversion to over-salted food.

Peperoncinis, a treat I still enjoy. Ok, they are a bit salty but I don’t eat them as a meal. I love to have a couple of these with a meal, especially if I’m having coleslaw. These peppers are naturally a bit sweet and this brand name doesn’t add any sugar.

Every single mayonnaise at my grocery store had added sugars in it. Needless to say, not on my menu.

Most prepared mustards don’t have added sugars but beware because some do. The salad dressings here all contain added-sugars and so are not part of my diet.

The prepared cereals aisle looks like a candy display to me now. Yet another aisle with nothing for me.

The breakfast bars look like a cookie display with most being spiked with chocolate or drizzled in caramel.

The cookie section seems to be getting smaller. I presume that is because people are switching to granola bars, falsely believing them to be a healthy option.

I skip the bread aisle as well. I’m not totally off bread but most of it tastes sweet to me now. I sometimes make a sandwich at work (I’m a cook) but just don’t bother keeping bread in my home.

Notice anything unusual with the ‘organic section’? Rather than lining an aisle, as with all other sections, they broke the shelves up and turned them sideways so you can’t see all the way down. It’s like they want to keep the vegans out of sight.

Ah, Québec! Red wine IS on my menu and I can pick it up at the grocery store as it should be.

Oh! Halloween candies are already on sale and it’s not even October yet.

And just before I get to the register, show me some fried chicken, onion rings and fries. I’ve been walking around the store for a while and you know I’m a little hungry – but I’ll have none of your tempting, deep-fried food, Mr. Grocery Man.

I made it out alive! I mostly bought veggies and fruit. I have about 300 grams of roasted meat for the week. I also picked up a couple shakers of Mrs. Dash because I’m trying to cut my sodium intake down a little. Now it’s time to cook dinner.

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