Saturday, May 19, 2018

Apple Cider Vinegar: BMI = 27.6

While there is a little evidence that apple cider vinegar may offer some modest health benefits, it is not a magical elixir that is going to melt off belly-fat. Whatever you do, do NOT start slamming apple cider vinegar shooters. Drinking undiluted vinegar can erode tooth enamel, and possibly even damage the soft tissues of the mouth and esophagus. Also, don’t go ordering apple cider vinegar tablets over the internet because a study of these products has revealed that they are of unreliable quality and many may not even contain apple cider vinegar.

My primary use for apple cider vinegar is making vinaigrettes. Since cutting most added sugars out of my diet, I have found that I crave more acidity in my food. I make my own vinaigrettes to avoid, or at least control, added sugars in my diet. Most prepared mustard doesn’t have any added sugar, and neither does Huy Fong Sambal Oelek. I keep an assortment of vinegars, mustards, and hot sauces around because they are guilt-free flavour enhancers. Some mustards and hot sauces are quite high in salt, but I’m only using them as condiments, not as primary ingredients in my meals.

You can make a great, sugar-free coleslaw with vinegar, oil, and some Mrs. Dash. Add a little sugar if you need it, but if you cut back on added sugars in your diet, over time, you just might find your tastes change enough that you no longer need sugar in your coleslaw.

I also like to marinade cucumbers and red onion in apple cider vinegar.

I’ve read claims that apple cider vinegar helps regulate digestion to avoid blood sugar spikes in people with onset diabetes, but none of those claims was backed up with a link to a scientific study. The best way to avoid spikes in blood sugar is to avoid foods that have sugar added and to source your carbs, instead, from whole grains.

Generic white vinegar is part of my fitness regime, but only because I refuse to give a gym my banking information. Pick up a couple jugs and use them in a home workout if you want vinegar to help you get fit.

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