Saturday, May 26, 2018

Reverse Aging: BMI = 27.4

I ran into an old workmate today who told me I look ten years younger. The last time I saw her was about seven months ago when my BMI was around 31.5. I dug up a selfie from around the time we last met and pasted in a selfie from today. I believe I do look ten years younger. I’m glad I started adding a decimal point to my BMI in this blog because it allows me to see progress on a weekly basis.

It pains me a bit that I am still overweight and that I likely won’t get my BMI under 25 before Christmas this year – but then I remember where I started, with a BMI of 43. I’ve defeated Class III Obesity, Class II Obesity, and Class I obesity. I can look back over the numbers and see that even though my weight loss has slowed down, I’m still making progress and can realistically expect to be thin within a year.

The years of trying to starve myself, only to end up snacking all day and then binge-eating most nights, are over. All I need to do is keep eating healthy, substantial meals to keep the unhealthy cravings from coming back. At some point I might lose focus and start gaining weight again but if that happens then at least I’ll know what to do about it.

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