Saturday, July 28, 2018

Accurate Portions: BMI = 26.7

Even though my healthy eating habits are well established, I still take the time to accurately measure my portions for each meal. It’s easy to overlook a little extra pasta sauce or oversized portion of pasta when I’m hungry.

I weigh my pasta when it is dry to get the most accurate portion possible. If you weigh your pasta after cooking, you might find that you have left-overs, and then you might find yourself eating those leftovers rather than storing them for another meal. Lately I’ve been increasing my pasta portions – for reasons that I will be discussing in a future post.

I measure my vegetable portions to ensure I’m getting all the servings recommended by the Canada Food Guide. I rely on counting servings more than I do on counting calories.

I usually use a scale for recording and recreating my recipes – a habit that I picked up at work. Scales are the best way to measure when baking, although I must admit I don’t do much baking anymore.

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