Monday, October 9, 2017

Egg-Free Garlic & Dill Mayo: BMI = 31

I can't find any sugar-free mayo at my grocery store! Fortunately I can make my own sugar-free mayo, without eggs so it will last a long time and with garlic & dill for great flavour. It’s a little healthier if you add some no-fat yogurt, but that is optional if you want to keep it totally vegan.

The secret ingredient is chick pea broth – just the liquid that is normally discarded from a can of chick peas. Any bean broth will do, though, and you can reserve some of the broth the next time you boil up some beans. If you want to sound like a real gastronaut, call the chick pea broth ‘aquafaba’.

So put 50 grams of aquafaba into a blender or blending cup with 25 grams of lemon juice and 25 grams of Dijon mustard. I’ve also added three crushed cloves of garlic.

I use a stick blender but you can do this in a regular blender or food processor. Just start blending and drizzle in 160 grams of vegetable oil. Try to use an oil that has a rather neutral flavour, this is not a good place to use extra-virgin olive oil. I use grape seed oil.

In just a few minutes you have a cup of really thick, garlic flavoured, vegan mayonnaise. It needs a little salt so just add some in, pinch by pinch, folding it in well with a spoon or spatula and checking the flavour as you go.

I like to add 100 grams of no-fat Greek yogurt to this mayo/dip. It’s not really vegan that way but I only make ‘vegan’ mayo because it lasts longer without the egg yolks in there. The no-fat yogurt actually lowers the caloric density of this mayonnaise and gives it a smoother texture.

Time to fold in the dill. I highly recommend using fresh but you could use dried dill if you like. It will take a day or so in the fridge for the flavour to really permeate but once it does this is a great garlic & dill dip for veggies or even calamari.

I decided to slice up some cucumber and red onion to marinate in this mayonnaise.

I’ll let that sit in the fridge overnight and it’ll be a great side dish for dinner this week.

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