Friday, October 6, 2017

Recipe – Cole Slaw: BMI = 31

Coleslaw is great any time of the year but you won’t likely find any sugar-free coleslaw at the market so you’ll have to make your own. Like most of my recipes, there isn’t much measuring to do. For the ‘cole’, I like red and green cabbage, carrots, red onion.

For the ‘slaw’, nothing beats a mandoline.

For the marinade, I use a neutral tasting oil and some apple cider vinegar in equal parts. Don’t drown the veggies in dressing, though, just stuff them in a jar and add equal parts oil and vinegar until half way up.

The veggies will give up a lot of liquid that will fill the remaining space in the jar in less than a day. For seasoning I try to be reserved on the salt, make up for it with Mrs. Dash, and toss in a healthy portion of sambal.

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